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Today is calm.

The wind, worn from days of ravishing trash recepticols and leaves, breaking umbrellas, and terrifying children, is relaxing. Catching up on football news. Shooting the shit with some clouds.

Life is good. I'm overall happy and productive, although I probably could be more productive.... No more late nights for about a week, unless if I'm up late working. That's a start! Also, no Dirty Bird shows for me for awhile... probably until January. It will be nice to take a little break and focus more on other things. Crafting, making costumes out of candy for Dr. Sketchies (woohoo!), painting, writing... and I'd like to pick up a belly dance class again. I'm not doing the American Museum of Radio and Electricity show, as fun as it sounds, because I'm doing the Jinxmas Bazzarro that day. Sometimes it's hard to make the decision not to do too much, but it's good. I always want to do more than I realistically can, or should. I feel like I have a good balance right now, though.

Wow, it's kind of a weird feeling to not know the exact date that I'll be performing next. The show last night at The Temple Bar was so much fun! Cheers to the French wine drinking holiday!

Back to cleaning the home...........
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I seem to have the instrument gods on my side.  
Just got another phone call regarding my accordion post...  and may be getting "a hell of a deal" on a really nice, pretty much new one that's smaller than the one I sold.  It might even be free.  I just need to convince and promise the guy that I'll learn how to play it and use it a lot.
I cannot -wait- until the music studio is finished and we can be really loud.... and until Jon and Brendan get the drum kit!  
Soooooooooo many exciting things,
and somehow making a lot less money than I did a month ago is working out just fine.  There are moments of being really worried and freaking out a bit, but overall it's okay. 
::Back to cleaning my room::
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Remembering the amazing bearded dragon, Topaz

? - very early, 7-29-09

Topaz passed away last night.  :'(   I knew it was going to happen soon, even though I was really hoping it wouldn't.  I had a feeling the other month, before anything seemed to even be going wrong.  Then there was the dream the night before last, and then last night I couldn't sleep.........

 The past couple of months had been hard on him, his body just didn't seem to be functioning that well anymore. His meals weren't always digesting properly (so I switched him to organic baby food for awhile), his beard would get pitch black on occasion, he, hadn't shed for awhile, and the other week I think he drank too much water and then puked it up. He may have gotten some in his lungs, that didn't dry up- despite the warmth of his terrarium and getting a good amount of sun. He's been gradually getting more lethargic this year, too.

I talked with a girl at Feed and Seed for awhile, did quite a bit of research, and spent a lot of time with the guy trying to help him out... and it just seems that he was getting old and there wasn't too much we could do. (Other than pamper him and try and help him get through this tough time with ease.) We think he was about 11 years old, and the average beardie lives to about 10.   He didn't have the most active life before being with me, often kept in his terrarium, away from the yipping dog and frightened children.  When he crawaltzed into my apartment, that all changed, though. 

We had so many great times together, and so did so many other creatures he met.  I'll remember the good times, hanging out outside, eating fruit at the farmers market, running to all the girls in my house and ignoring the boys, cuddling (especially after we hadn't seen each other for awhile and he would nuzzle up to me), him attacking the glow poi, "Ahh!  Keep the monster away from me!!!", watching movies and playing music to him (he really seemed to like both of those, he'd watch!),  photoshoots (he really seemed to love modeling..... I'm not even kidding.  He'd cock his head and look right at the camera!  What a natural..), the time he ran through the pizza sauce and splattered it everywhere, how he'd eat baby food and then run off- with a messy face- once he was done... often times running through the food itself and leaving a trail of goo, the stalking of crickets (any crickets living in my home are relieved), the superhero dragon game, and of course, my introduction to him.  Linda put him on the ground and he seemed like he was trying to bite her toes.  "Oh dear, what am I getting myself into?" I thought.....  Only to find out he was the most gentle creature I had met.  There are so many other great memories, the list goes on and on.............

Little verde, Topedo, Budzilla, Topaz, you will be very missed.  Thanks for blessing me with your presence for three lovely years.

We will have a memorial soon.... probably on Friday.

[[......I wish I had time to edit this entry, but I'm working, so I don't.  Despite the obvious run-on sentence, there is probably some other poor grammar, but ohh well.  Maybe later.......]]
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Awesomeness all over the place.....

I'm getting a big mothah fuckinn art space!!! woooHoooo!!!!!!! I'm so excited. Also, for this month, the whole 900sqftofawesomepotential is going to be all mine! Ooooo, the possibilities......... It even has running water and a door that I can lock. I'm going to have to share the space so it's not too pricey (hopefully Annie, Ty, and some other friends will want to get in on it), and there's a good chance that selling my work will pay for the space. Oh man! Spill paint party this weekend! Okay, time to stop net-geeking and start doing shtuff.
just one more thing.....

Oh, and hanging out with drag queens is really inspiring and awesome.
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"Shut your worm-face!" "This tuna has no porpoise."

I just got my Easley's Fun Shop order in!!! That means- lots of crazy make-up! Hooorayyy!!! The two things I'm the most excited about are the
Kryolan Day Glo / UV Reactive palette

and the also super-bright Ben Nye Lumiere palette.

I'd be painting my face a this very moment if it wasn't for a yummy plate of Chineese food in front of me. I have never been this excited about make-up.... I'm going to do some wild stuff with it! Also, it will be good for everyday use. ;)

Let's see... I also got a little white parasol that I'm going to decorate, these ridiculously awesome cloud/rainbow/mushroom sunglasses, eyebrow plastic (!!!)- to cover those caterpillars up and paint on crazy new ones, tooth blackener, styrofoam heads to paint and use for shop displays, red and blue feather eyelashes, and spirit glue/etc. remover. Yeah, I went kind of crazy... but it's all stuff that I'll get an insane amount of use from. This is what I foresee.... I really want to dress up and clown around- right now! I guess I can wait for tomorrow, though. I am organizing my books and have belly dance class in a couple hours. Tomorrow I'm probably going to audition with The Dirty Birds for a drag show. Yeaahh!

In Seattle on Monday I saw an absolutely mind-blowing life-shifting amazing show! They are called Acid Mothers Temple and wowwwwww. They were four older guys from a music commune in Japan that ripped it up, freaked out, and played beautiful psychedelic melodies. They played a set that was about 2 1/2 hours long, and by the end of it I was drenched with dance-induced sweat, had felt a wide range of emotions, saw magickal and beautiful things in my head and in front of me, and was completely satisfied. I ended up getting an amazing spot right up front with Brendan, which was crazy cause it was -packed- and I didn't even know where he was when the show started. By the end I even had enough room (I was buy a speaker) to dance a little bit with my feet. Also, I got to put my stuff down on one of the speakers, which was great. They played in Ballard, at a place called The Sunset Tavern. They have photographs of cats in costumes all over the bathroom there! hahah It was a cool dive/venue.
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After the show we went back to our motel- The Marco Polo. This place was lovely, with a broken chair, inoperable lamp, a sinking ceiling (from water), a strange peep-hole like thing (that we put toilet paper in), paper-thin walls, beautifully ugly paisley comforters, cracks and chips in the walls, some interesting people, and only $80 for three beds! Granted, two of them were obviously for kids, but it worked! We had to whisper because our cool neighbors wanted to get a decent night's sleep.... We = Brendan, Ken, Annie, Jennifer, Jessie, John, and myself. We giggled about worm faces, porpoises, and other silly topics until the wee hours of the morning.

I'm done eating, and done writing for now! Time to play with bright colors on my face! weeee

The Bad Things + The Dirty Bird Cabaret = !!!

Check out my debut performance with these fabulous birds!

The Bad Things, who are absolutely amazing, are playing at The Acoustic Tavern this Friday the 13th! To make it even better, the dance troupe I've been with for a little while will be performing too! Come waltz, polka, shimmy, shake it, and watch us shake our tail feathers! ;) Trust me, it will be a funtastic show....

The poster says 8pm, but the owner of The Frog said 9:30pm.... soooo.... maybe show up at 8 if you want to guarantee a spot! It's a small space and it's going to get packed, so come early!

Hope to see you there! :)

<3 >> Q.T. Kiwi


anarchy soup

Hooray for the snow day!

The Sasquatch line-up is awesome, once again, this year! Some acts that I'm especially excited for are:

Tim and Eric
Erykah Badu
Murder City Devils
Gogol Bordelo
Ben Harper
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Zach Galifianakis
Fleet Foxes

Especially Tim and Eric (I love that show) and holy shamolly, Erykah Badu, she has an amazing voice!!
There are a lot of other acts that I am into or look like I would be...

I'm on Annie's computer right now, her screen is monstrous. I really like it. Maybe someday I'll have a sweet desktop too... that would be nice. For now, though, my laptop is very efficient. It will be nice to be able to use Photoshop on a large screen.... She's staying with us for a bit.

Alright, I played a lot of music and geeked out a bit on the internet, it's time for me to get back to cleaning house. If I get enough done today in a timely manner I'll go to Quicksilver and have my film developed, but if not I'll probably do it tomorrow after practice. I'm so glad that they are around! It will only cost about $2.60 a roll for my color film, and then I can pick out what shots I want to print... and soon hopefully print some out myself at The Darkroom!

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Mmmmm, my fer-ta-ta smells so yummy! It's almost done cooking....

I got a package from Sock Dreams today, which I'm ridiculously giddy about. I love socks! Ahhh! I started organizing my tights and what not and realized that I need a larger drawer for them.... hahah..... I snagged their last pair of bright green and purple over the knee socks, and I lovvve them. I got some other fantastic pairs of thigh-highs and tights I'm such a dork for clothes, geeze.

Today's been nice. I got a fair amount of sleep last night, especially given that I was working. I've been listening to the new Amanda Palmer CD (I -finally- downloaded it on my Zune!) and The Bad Things. I'm so glad that the new A. M. release has some great songs that have just been on her MySpace and YouTube for awhile. I used to play "Ampersand" over and over.... it's just amazing.

I think my foods done now!


Edit: By the way, my fer-ta-ta is delish! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So easy, yet so good...
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I'm going to perform officially with The Dirty Birds for the first time at a Bad Things show next month!!! I'm so freaking excited!! The Bad Things are so fantastic............ Yayyyyyyyyyy <3 It will be Friday the 13th at The Acoustic Tavern.

::dances around::

If I wasn't double-staffed at work today, I'd probably be practicing instead of writing. ;)
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